POTLÀC (2012)

Potlàc (potlatch). This word has become sort of a mantra to me. A sound I would repeat incessantly while working. A group of letters that I started to embroider as if it was a logotype, in between branding and decoration. A fictional sports-logo. An obsessive leitmotiv. 

      With the work I am tracing a connection between the process of art-making (in my case jewellery-making) and the ideal and celebration of sports. Sports, just like art, require an extraordinary expenditure that is all but conventionally economical. Sports, just like art, are unproductive expenditures. I am interested in forms of economy that are not based on necessity but rather have a ritual, illogical value connected to it. These economies - luxury, arts, games, sports, entertainment, etc.- hinge upon 

unproductive efforts, since they all entail an excessive loss, sacrifice or expenditure. An all-consuming commitment. Almost a folly.

      While being no athlete, I question the actual value of the things I do very often. What is this magnificent effort that I delve into all about? Surely it is not based on necessity and there is no economical return, not in the conventional sense, at least. What I do is rather a glorious consumption of time and material. Becoming obsessed with the process and the ways materials react with one an other, carrying histories with 

them. Becoming obsessed with something as unnecessarily necessary as jewellery.

      Potlatch becomes in this sense the expression of the symbolical effort: the need to consume everything you have; to destroy and recreate; an economical gesture where everything converges: the gift, the challenge, the search for prestige and honor and belonging. A glorious firework where everything is 

consumed to the last bit in order to generate marvel and, hopefully, beauty.

B.B. 2012