Jewellery came to me as a meaningful code, a language, open for investigation.

What intrigues me is its capability of defining and marking - at times even controlling - the body. Of externalizing - by means of embodying it - what lies invisible and abstract under the skin. Jewellery as a carrier of meanings. Jewellery as ritualised objects.

   Through jewellery I explore and question issues of identity, rites de passage in contemporary society, displacement, awkardness and relationships to the body and to others.

While doing so, hierarchies in termas of material, scale and shape are dropped and the work is conducted freely in a grey area where the 'jewels' are both things and symbols, often uncanny, suspended on the threshold between ritual and quotidian, material and emotional.

Recurrent materials in my work are foam, plaster, wax, resin, raw fibers above all: traditionally used for mold-making or stuffing, these materials become the shape itself, they do not contribute to creating it. Every action in the making is aimed at deforming pure matter, tabulae rasae: this reflecting the ways we are made into individuals through a, at times difficult, identification process.

   The process of making is never about polishing and refining. It is about learning to accept every gesture my too slow hands do over the mere material. Leaving the marks, is accepting the marks. (...) Every decision, every passage, every milestone, or door shut behind: a mark indeleble on the body and psyche.

B.B. 2009

© 2018 by Beatrice Brovia.