About EXPENDITURES (2015-16)

In my work I address the notion of unproductive expenditure, and the relationship between sports and adornment.

I see similarities between the athletic effort and the artistic effort that is at the base of my making, in that they both rely on a great, even competitive, type of expenditure - of time, material, resources - that isn't really economical, logical or efficient. Making is like a big potlatch, and to me it is inextricably connected to notions of waste and consumption.

While this similarity among the athletic and the artistic effort is at the base of my investigation, so is the relationship of sports, their aesthetic and function, to jewelry and adornment. There is this seductiveness about sports and the ways they are popularised and adverstised in our everyday; the sportification of culture is all-encompassing, from the monumentality and pathos of the Olympic Games to street sports, from haute couture and luxury to highly desirable sports gear and accessories, and, with Expenditures, I am referring in part to this: how sports, the imaginary and material culture surrounding them, are powerful catalysts of ideals of body culture, affiliation, kinship and belonging, self-realisation and even escapism.


In this sense, I think jewelry and sports function in a very similar way. I walk the fine line between jewelry and accessory, branding and decoration, looking at the connections, the affinities, between jewellery and other areas of human activity, living and desire. Expenditures looks at the function and agency of jewelry itself, its potential as both marker of the body and surface through which communication is made possible.

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