EXONUMIA (2013 - ongoing)


Taking reference from early 20th century brands’ typefaces and graphics, as well as own scribbles and doodles, I have been designing fictional sports-logos,

in between branding and decoration. The logotypes are then machine embroidered on plastic-like, artificial materials, shiny and iridescent in finish. The pieces refer to the crests that are found embellishing sports uniforms and jerseys, or other graphics that decorate the chest of athletes, while also marking allegiances to sponsors, brands, clubs as well as nations. Instead of being crests and graphics embroidered or printed on garments, these are brooches and necklaces that are added on the body and the clothing, and, once worn, demand space on and of the body.

      Exonumia, as a whole, can be seen as a growing cabinet of medals, which I keep assembling, expanding and revisiting through time, since I first started the series in 2013. The series Exonumia, while referring to the material culture and symbols surrounding sport, investigates the typologies of the medal, the crest, the badge as a token of our ambitions and aspirations, as well as the material and semantic relations between value, honour, decorum and decoration.